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M. S. A. Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

M. S. A. Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

M. S. A. Lowcountry Master Naturalist Society

About Miranda

M. S. A. Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

Miranda has a diverse background in science, including research, education and communications.  With degrees in marine biology and journalism, her curiosity has led her into a variety of roles, including assisting in taxonomy, ichthyology and microbiology laboratories, curating and caring for wildlife exhibits, writing grants for wildlife organisations and teaching astronomy, biology and Montessori.

To add to her repertoire of certificates, degrees and experiences, Miranda has been an ongoing science communicator and published writer since 2002. Her focus is on translating scientific topics into educational articles for the general public. She also uses these skills and expertise as a certified education Master Naturalist to provide marine science immersions to students and the general public. As a way to give back and rehabilitate marine wildlife, Miranda volunteers at a local sea turtle hospital and has a shameless perma-grin for days after a successful sea turtle release. 


Miranda is an HDR student at Southern Cross University's National Marine Science Centre in New South Wales, Australia. Her research is partnered with the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP), based at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and focuses on using assisted evolution strategies to increase the fitness of reef-building corals. You can read more about her research HERE

When Miranda is taking a short break from writing and analyzing her data, she can be found beachcombing local seashores for specimens to add to her growing collection, photographing and videoing biodiversity in tidepools, hiking and camping with her family, or reading sci-fi and fantasy novels.  

M. S. A. Lizard Island Research Station

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